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Rotary Steerable System Workshop - 21 October 2015

Presented by Hoan Van Luu - Pathfinder/Schlumberger

Presentation material link here

Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems Overview - March 2015

Technical workshop on PCP with a focus on Coal Seam Gas Applications

Presented by Lonnie Dunn, Weatherford

Presentation material link here

Liquid Loading and Plunger Lift Technology - February 2015

Technical presentation on Liquid Loading and Plunger lift technology, presented by David Green, VP and CTO, Well Master Corp, USA, on Feb 5, 2015 at the Tattersalls  Club, Brisbane.

Featured issues:

  • Bottom hole pressure management – critical role in achieving consistent gas flow
  • Gas wells as pneumatic systems and oil wells as hydraulic systems
  • Liquid loading – how height of liquid column affects production
  • Water flow in tubing – behaviour of droplets and annular mist explained by flow dynamics
  • Onset of liquid loading – using J curve to predict liquid loading with high accuracy
  • Plunger lift – principles, application.
  • Plunger selection – the life cycle approach to well optimization.
  • Horizontal and inclined wells – different from vertical wells. Using specially designed plungers for these applications.
  • Field well data analysis

Full presentation available here

SPE PRMS Reserves and Resources Reporting Workshop  -14 November 2013


 - Art McMullen, Bobby Poe, Dilhan Ilk part 1, part 2, Doug Peacock, Geoff Barker and Bruce Gunn, Greg Horton, Mike Gatens, Tom Blasingame

Discussion Panel:

 - Discussion Panel

May 2013 Workshop

- Quantitative Risk Analysis presented by Palisade.

CSG Short Course - October 2010

 - Artificial lift 1

 - Artificial lift 2

 - Artificial lift 3

 - Artificial lift 4

 - CSG Brisbane

 - Coal geology

 - Coal Sampling

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