Digital Frontiers - Analytics, Start-Ups and Digital Disruption in Oil & Gas
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Thu 19th Oct 2017
5 PM for 6 PM start 19th Oct 2017 03:00 PM

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SPE QLD YP proudly invites you to join us for the hot topic of: Digital Frontiers - Analytics, Start-Ups and Digital Disruption in Oil & Gas.

Our guest speakers are from Origin energy and Modulr Tech.

From Origin Energy, we have Sylvain Josserand:

 has more than 10 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry in the Drilling and Petroleum Engineering, Operations Management and Development Project Management fields with exposure to offshore HPHT exploration, onshore conventional and unconventional large-scale developments in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Sylvain is currently working as an Innovation Portfolio Manager at Origin Energy. During the last year Sylvain has contributed to run Origin Energy’s first Hackathon with a particular focus on data analytics applications to Drilling Performance, Production Optimization and Driving Safety. Sylvain has also identified the company’s main opportunities to enhance gas affordability leveraging the global trends in digital technologies and the emergence of a Brisbane-based, resource-focused, entrepreneurs’ ecosystem. 

Modulr Tech is a tech startup company looking to revolutionise Australia's Resource Sector by utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Digital Twins (CDTs). Coming from the IT industry, the team at Modulr aims to bring cutting-edge technologies to extract business value out of both historical and incoming big industrial data. Modulr aims to help companies improve operational efficiency, predict failures and reduce downtime. 

The speakers from Modulr Tach are:

Khoi Phan
 is the Head of Technology at Modulr, with a background in Software Engineering, Full-Stack Development and Data Science. He was a  guest lecturer on Cloud Computing at the University of Queensland and has worked at Origin [x] in the data science team to help predict future well  production levels.

 is the Head of Design in UI and UX Design, and has collaborated with institutes like the Museum of Brisbane and the Queensland State  Archives on various creative projects.

 is Modulr's Head of Business and has had 3 years of experience in business development having worked as a Program Manager at Meow  Media and Marketing Manager at Web Dimensions (AU).

The talk would be in The Roma Room of  Hotel Jen and after the formal processings we will have bar tab and food platters waiting for you in the Nest Bar.

Please sign up quickly as the seats are limited.

For further details, contact:
Janet: 0437 557 847
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Venue Information

Roma Room , Hotel Jen, Brisbane

159 Roma St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia


Janet: 0437 557 847
Alex: 0472 870 35