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Chairperson's message

SPE Industry Leaders discussion forum on 29th June 2017.

The Industry Leaders forum was well attended and went overtime due to the attentive and dynamic conversation between the panel and the audience.

Australia’s oil and gas sector has huge potential. Our recent rapid expansion in LNG production capacity in Qld has greatly increased gas supply in Qld this has been offset by regulatory restrictions in other states which have reduced the increase in gas production in those states and now we find ourselves, in Eastern Australia, in a situation that has been termed a gas crisis.

The panel discussion, although mostly focusing on gas, discussed the dynamics and issues of the market in terms of gas, liquids and coal production and it’s effect on the consumers namely LNG production, power generation, manufacturing and transportation fuels.

Some important takeaways from the discussion:

  • We need improved inter and intra organisation collaboration (technical, commercial and regulatory) to more rapidly improve exploration and operational efficiencies and drive down costs.
  • One part of this is greater availability of and access to production data to enable better exploration risk management. A la Canadian petroleum data management framework.
  • More predictable and consistent regulatory frame work to reduce uncertainty for explorers and existing operators and more importantly to reduce uncertainty for and entice potential investors in the Australian Oil & Gas sector.
  • Rapid increase in access to exploration acreage. We have a supply problem.


One person asked What can we do? Well, we at the SPE are active in the area of technical collaboration! So let’s step it up a gear. Share your ideas. Be active in the industry conversation.

If you want to gain a more in depth understanding of the issues read the Finkel Report. Although primarily about the future of Australia’s power supply it covers all the issues. Available at

Thank you to all attendees for making this a memorable evening and a special thanks to the Industry Leader panellists.

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