Listed here are previous SPE Qld presentations and workshop material.

Thanks to all the Presenters for their time and support of SPE QLD. And to SPE International for supporting the Distingushed Lecturer Program.



February 2019 - Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs (Med Kamal)

March 2019 - Fracking Regulation across the globe.pdf 

April 2019 - SPE AGM ; Triple Bottom Line.pdf  and  Oil and Gas_Contributions.pdf

May 2019 - Not Available

June 2019 - Big Data Analytics - Srikanta Mishra.pdf

October 2019 - Uberizing Energy.pdf


April 2018 - AGM and Luncheon Can we win the Culture Wars on Oil & Gas? by Rhys Turner APPEA (Qld), Director

May 2018 - Darcy Spady, SPE President

June 2018 - SPE DL - Valentine - Sydney

September 2018 - Working to Improve Reliability in CSG Wells

November 2018 -  The Fracts of Life



November 2017 - The Beetaloo JV: Exploring and Appraising a Very Large Frontier Shale Basin by Alexander Cote P.Eng, CFA

November 2017 - Two Vital Secrets for Building Accurate Type Wells by Randy Freeborn, SPE DL

September 2017 - Wellbore Integrity Restoration: New Life for Old Wells by Greg Galloway, Weatherford, SPE DL

May 2017 - Fields trials of Plugging Oil and Gas wells with Hydrated Bentonite with B. Towler, UQ

April 2017 - Schlumberger Inside - how technological know-how fundamentally re-shaped the competitive landscape of the oil and gas industry



October 2016 - Verifying Performance and Capability of New Technology for Surface and Subsea Facilities by Ed Grave - SPE DL

September 2016 - The Value and Danger of Complex Reservoir Simulations by Daniel Yang - SPE DL

August 2016 - How good are we in estimating CSG Reserves? - by Don McMillan FIEAust, SPE, Petroleum Consultant

July 2016 - Industrial Internet of Things by Darren Wyllie

June 2016 - Investigation in the effects of chemical treatments on the permeability and wettability of coal by Dr Karen Steel

May 2016 - Assessing and Applying Engineering Data from the 2010 Macondo Blowout by John Turley, Marathon Oil Company

April 2016 - Fracking Myths and Nonsense by Christopher Lamont.

March 2016 - Using Biomarkers to reduce Exploration Risk by Dr Mark McCaffrey, Weatherford


December 2015 - Characterising CSG Reservoir via DTS Interpretation by Shaiful Heli Shafie

November 2015 - Underbalanced - a case study on Horizontal Coal Seam Gas Development by Antonio Sardo

October 2015 - Well Screens - Improving Well Efficiency and Reducing Workover Costs by Andrew White & Moyez Poonawala

September 2015 - Modern Perforating Techniques: Key to Unlocking Reservoir Potential by Andy Martin

August 2015 - How ready is your Project for Delivering Production? by Kai Eberspaecher

July 2015 - Small-scale LNG liquefaction and the future Australian market by Geoff Hunter

June 2015 - Opportunities amongst the oil and gas wreckage with Geoffrey Cann

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May 2015 - Hydrocarbon pressure, free water levels, gas-water contacts and how they link to capillary pressure, by Jim Underschultz, The University of Queensland

April 2015 - Unconventional Reservoirs Require Unconventional Analysis Techniques - by David Anderson

March 2015 - Is it the Geological Environment, Engineering Skill or Luck that Differentiates the Success of Hydraulic Fracturing in Australian Coal Seam Gas Projects? by Dr. Ray Johnson Jr - Unconventional Reservoir Solutions

February 2015 - Geologic Factors Associated with Successful Shale Gas Plays - by David A. Waldo - Gaffney, Cline & Assoc.


November 2014 - SPE Qld Intro and APLNG Update and Global Outlook by Page Maxson

June 2014 - Gas Storage Measurement in Coals and Other Rock and a Quick Look at Directional Permeability - by Ian Gray - Sigra Pty Ltd

May 2014 - Influence of In-Situ Stresses on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations in Coals of the Surat Basin, SE Qld, Australia by Thomas Flottmann - Origin Energy

March 2014 - Environmental Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing by David Campin, Qld Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection

February 2014 - Unconventional Frac Jobs for Unconventional Reservoirs - What Should You be Concerned About? by SPE DL Jennifer L. Miskimins, Ph.D. P.E. Baree & Associates


November 2013 - Wellbore Deformation in Unconventional Resources by SPE DL Trent Kaiser.

September 2013 - How Does Innovation Happen in the Upstream O&G Industry? by Robert Perrons, QUT.  Further information: JPT Article

August 2013 - Best Practices: Coal Bed Methane Modelling by Jared Philpot, Arrow Energy

July 2013 - CSG to LNG - Challenges to the World Pioneers by Fran van Reyk, Worley Parsons

June 2013 - LNG Basics for Petroleum Engineers by Michael Choi, SPE Distinguished Lecturer

May 2013  - Decision Making Under Uncertainty by Duncan Hickman, Palisade Corporation

April 2013 - From the Laboratory and Field to the Simulator by Peter Behrenbruch

February 2013 - Shale Resource Assessment by P.K. Pande, SPE Distinguished Lecturer


March 2012 - Shale by Jason Pitcher, Halliburton

April 2012 - Reliability of Expert Judgements and Uncertainty Assessments by Steve Begg, University of Adelaide

May 2012 - Practical Aspects of Solids Production in CSG Wells by Dr Khalil Rahman

July 2012 - Real Stress Distributions through Sedimentary Strata and Implications for Reservoir Development and Potential Gas and Coal Development Strategies by Ian Gray - Sigra

August 2012 - Shale Hosted Hydrocarbons by Rodney Halyburton

September 2012 - SPE Distingushed Lecturer Nnaemeka Ezekwe with Advances in Reservoir Management Technologies

October 2012 - Stimulation of the Natural Fracture System of Unconventional Reservoirs by Graded Proppant by Pavel Bedrikovetsky



July 2011 - Completion Water Management Considerations by Larry Ryan

August 2011 - Liquefied Natural Gas - The Australian Race by Prof. Peter Behrenbruch

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