The purpose of SPE QLD Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is to create a regular forum for learning, discussion and networking to all interested parties. We will focus on improved and cutting edge technological developments. Work-in-progress, new ideas, and interesting projects are sought. The topics will include case studies, ongoing research, and development. The group meetings will act as a network for members to communicate ideas and solutions to each other. The SIG meeting are open only to the SPE members or special guests.



The format is 60-75 min meetings. For each meeting we aim to have about 10-15 participants. Each meeting has a dedicated topic and may include one to three short introductory presentations. The rest of the time is dedicated to the discussion on the topic among all participants.



The list of suggested topics is published on the SIG website. Registered participant are encourage to vote for the topics, propose new ones and indicate if they are willing to give a short presentation to start the conversation. The SIG moderators select the topic based on popularity and availability of presenters.


Meeting frequency and registration process

The proposed date and topic is suggested by the SIG moderators after consultations with the SIG members. Then, the interest registration is open on the website. If the critical number of potential attendees is not reached, the meeting can be postponed or called off.



Proceedings from the SIG meetings will not be published; therefore, formal papers and handouts are not required‎. Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.



In remaining consistent with SIG objectives and SPE guidelines, commercialism in presentations won’t be permitted. Company logos should be used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).‎



A small fee can be charged to cover the cost of the meeting room.



Location of each meeting will be announced separately. Typically, that would be a meeting rooms in Brisbane CBD or in a participating company offices.