Cancellation and Transfer Policy


To all registered (paid) attendees to continuing education events, including workshops and training courses.

What and Why

SPE Queensland is a not-for-profit society committed to provide avenues for its members to further their knowledge in the field of Petroleum Engineering and the broader oil and gas industry. The society is committed to coordinate and facilitate industry relevant training courses and workshops throughout each calendar year.
The organisation of continuing education events can involve significant expenditure including instructor fees, venue hire and printing materials. This policy is in place to ensure the society is not unreasonably held out of pocket due to change of mind and other circumstances of registered attendees from sunk costs.


Applicable fees

Before day of event 


0 – 2 days No refund available
3 – 7 days 50% refund available
7+ days full refund Full refund available


Transferring a registration

Registered attendees may transfer their registration to another person at no charge. This other person however must also fit the same membership classification as the registered attendee else the difference in fees must be paid. For example, if the registered attendee is an SPE member, he or she can transfer to another SPE member at no extra cost. However, if the registered attendee was to transfer to a non-SPE member, then the difference between the SPE member rate and non-member rate is applicable.
If a transfer is required, SPE QLD admin must be informed to confirm the changes.

Cancelling registration

To cancel a seat at a training course or workshop, the SPE Queensland admin must be notified.


The registered name and payment receipt must be included in the email.




Agreed by committee:


19th December 2019



19th December 2019


Adam Kong

SPE QLD 2019/2020 Continuing Education Chair

19th December 2019