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July 2019
18th Jul 2019 SPEQ / QUPEX Eastern Australia Gas Market Outlook

Topic: Eastern Australia Gas Market Outlook: Are we prepared to meet future energy demand? 

The Eastern Australia Gas Market is expansive and far-reaching, and now in its 50th year. It spans from the depths of our continent, to our homes and mega-cities worldwide. We rely heavily upon the gas industry today and for the foreseeable future, whether it is for our livelihood, economy or way of life.

Policy makers, operators, market analysts, exporters and large industrial users alike have been vocal about their views on the future of the Eastern Australia Gas Market. Whilst some continue to debate, others have taken action to change the supply equation. The emergence of renewable energy continues to make an increasing contribution to the nation’s energy mix. This adds further complexity to the energy supply equation and calls into question the longevity of natural gas in Australia’s energy transition.

SPE Queensland and QUPEX are proud to host this thought-provoking panel session, presented by industry leaders from across the Eastern Australia Gas Market. Together, panellists will provide their perspective on the current state of play within the Eastern Australia Gas Market and the domestic and global outlook for the future of natural gas and LNG. They will also discuss gas supply and demand dynamics, government policy relating to the gas industry and innovation & collaboration across the value chain.



Saul Kavonic, Head of Equities Research, Oil and Gas, Credit Suisse


Josh Stabler, Managing Director, Energy Edge

Ian Davies, Managing Director and CEO, Senex Energy Limited

Rachael Saw, Principal Analyst, Integrated Energy Systems, AEMO

Melissa Perrow, General Manager, Energy, Brickworks Limited

  • 5:00pm Welcome drinks
  • 5:30pm Topic introduction and speaker presentations / perspectives
  • 6:30pm Dinner served
  • 6:50pm Detailed panel discussion moderator topics + moderated questions from audience
  • 7:45pm Closing remarks and wrap up
  • 8:00pm Networking drinks continue (cash bar)
  • 8:30pm Event concludes
Upcoming Events
August 2019
1st Aug 2019 Trivia Night and Networking Event

SPE YP Present Trivia Night.


Great opportunity to network and win some prizes.


Teams will be formed on the night.

5th Aug 2019 QGC Reservoir Modelling Workflow Overview

QGC Reservoir Modelling Workflow Overview

Presented by Sam Guiton and Gizat Aibassov - QGC




Integrated reservoir modelling is a key component of QGC’s CSG reservoir development and management efforts. Products of the reservoir modelling work are used for long term forecasting, development opportunity maturation, and estimation of recoverable volumes of gas and water, which in their turn drive the operating plan.

Over the course of the last few years QGC has developed a reservoir modelling workflow that targets to match both field and well level production and depletion history, and can be used as both long term reservoir development as well as mid to short term reservoir management tool.

This presentation is an overview of QGC’s reservoir modelling workflow, its strengths and weaknesses, and aims at provoking healthy professional discussion and exchange of experiences and opinions about the challenges of fit for purpose modelling of Surat basin coals.

7th Aug 2019 Coal Seam Gas Course

This course is based on technical elements of CSG and how they relate to production.   The focus is on the practical aspects of developing the CSG resource. The course covers the technical aspect of CSG development and is interlaced with the instructors’ practical experiences enabling the participants to understand the practical aspects in unlocking the resource.


“It’s about deliverability”

The CSG challenges are not in the discovery of the resource but its development. This course analyses

all aspects of the CSG project and how it relates to its deliverability potential.

 Questions answered during the course:

  1. How to we identify “sweetspots”?
  2. Forecasting best methods and pitfalls?
  3. Fracture stimulation: How delivery techniques impact on production performance.


  1. Introduction
  2. CSG Verses Conventional
    1. Understanding the differences
    2. Recognising the risks
  3. Background to Resource [Geology]
    1. Coalification
    2. Cleat Formation
    3. Gas Content: Q1, Q2 & Q3
    4. Isotherms
    5. Structural geology
    6. Permeability
  4. Deliverability
    1. Stress environment
      1. Effect of production interruption
    2. Production cycles & Operations
    3. Permeability – pitfalls
    4. Skin is not about wellbore damage
    5. Why simulation is a poor predictor
    6. better way of forecasting.
  1. Resource & Reserves
    1. In-depth analysis &
    2. Identification of problems with the PRMS
  2. Drilling & Artificial lift
    1. Bowen Basin Experience
      1. Verticals
        1. Frac Stim
        2. Cavitation
      2.  Horizontals/Laterals
    1. Surat Basin Experience
      1. Verticals
        1. Barefoots
        2. Frac stim
  1. Surface Facilities
    1. Altering Gas Properties
    2. Wellhead Facilities
    3. Gathering Systems
    4. Compression and processing
    5. Gas Transmission


CBM is a minefield for the experienced conventional specialists and, with an appreciation of its unconventional nature, the participant’s judgment will greatly improve.



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