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November 2012
13th Nov 2012 Digital Core Analysis


Digital core analysis or image based core analysis is an exciting emerging technology which has the potential to revolutionise the petroleum industry’s approach to core analysis and rock property interpretation. The technology uses micro-computerized tomography (CT) and focused ion beam techniques to produce micron and nanometer resolution images of the structure of complex reservoir rocks at the pore-scale. Large-scale computations, directly on the images and on network representations of the images, based on pore-scale physics allow a wide range of petrophysical properties central to estimations of volumes in-place and reserves to be estimated from small rock fragments. The small sample size makes it possible to analyse fragmented cores, sidewall cores, drill cutting and core material which is not readily amenable to conventional core analysis such as unconsolidated rocks, tight gas sands, coal and shale. The technology has been developed over the last decade by researchers at the School of Petroleum Engineering at the University of New South Wales and the Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering at the Australian National University.

At this point in its development digital core is a complement or a value-adding supplement to conventional core analysis rather than as a replacement for conventional laboratory testing. In comparison with conventional technology, digital core technology is providing us with analytical tools and a wealth of new 3D data which we have never seen before. The challenge, both for researchers and the industry, is to make best use of this new information and ability. The presentation will describe the state-of art in digital core technology and discuss current applications and the future challenges for the technology.  The talk will be illustrated with examples which include the group’s current preliminary work in the analysis of small coal cores.

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December 2012
6th Dec 2012 SPE QLD Christmas Lunch
Upcoming Events
February 2013
21st Feb 2013 Shale Resource Assessment & Development — Full Life Cycle Integrated Approach

SPE Distinguished Lecturer Presentation

A full life-cycle integrated approach for shale resource plays is an essential process to establish value creation and to ensure reserves and production growth.  With this process key issues and uncertainties in shale resource development are resolved as plays evolve from concept screening; to exploration and resource assessment; to full development.  The integrated approach relies upon key elements which include 1). Field Demonstrations and 2). Mechanistic Studies.
The design, planning, and implementation of systematic and "scalable" Field Demonstrations are essential elements required to address strategic, development and operational issues.      Mechanistic studies are utilized to understand the key production drivers.  Shale gas productivity is typically much lower than conventional reservoir systems and often lower than tight gas reservoirs.  The flow behavior in these systems must be understood and quantified in order to effectively characterize and predict well and reservoir performance behavior.  The primary take-away from this presentation is that new processes and advances in field demonstrations and mechanistic models are key factors required for appraisal and development of global shale resources.


P. K. Pande serves as Director, Reservoir Technology with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, the world’s largest independent E&P Company.  His responsibilities include managing an integrated team of subsurface professionals including geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers in application of subsurface technologies and best practices.  In his current role he has been instrumental in the appraisal and development of Anadarko shale and deepwater resources both in North America and internationally.
Pande has also served as Subsurface Manager, Ourhoud Field, Algeria, the country’s second largest oil field.  He has contributed to the development and reservoir management of numerous world class reservoirs including Prudhoe Bay, North America’s largest oil field and Endicott, the first arctic offshore oilfield.  He was actively involved in the design, planning, and implementation of the Prudhoe Bay Miscible Gas Project, the largest enhanced oil recovery project in the world.  He served as Project Manager for U.S. Department of Energy’s flagship project on improved recovery and reservoir characterization methods for shallow-shelf carbonate reservoirs.

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22nd Feb 2013 SPE YP Lawn Bowls Comp

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March 2013
14th Mar 2013 Student Industry Mixer Evening

An opportunity to liaise with experienced Oil and Gas professionals and meet with the HR representatives. There will be a  finger food and drinks as well as a student quiz with prizes. 

Although this is a free event for students, please register your details and SPE membership number using the registration link below.

Proudly sponsored by QGC and the SPE QLD Section Gold Sponsor Weatherford.

23rd Mar 2013 March Member Dinner - Tibetan Kitchen

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April 2013
16th Apr 2013 How to Incorporate Conventional Core and SCAL Properties - presented by Peter Behrenbruch

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May 2013
8th May 2013 Decision Making Under Uncertainty

8th May 2013 Workshop - Quantitative Risk Analysis

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June 2013
13th Jun 2013 LNG basics for Petroleum Engineers by Michael Choi

Upcoming Events
July 2013
15th Jul 2013 ASX Reserves Reporting Guidelines

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17th Jul 2013 LNG Production from Coal Seam Gas

LNG Production from Coal Seam Gas

Presented by Fran van Reyk 


LNG production from Coal Seam Gas  is not only new to Queensland it is also a world first.  Although the component parts of the supply chain are not new the production of LNG from thousands of low pressure wells has not been done before on the scale being built in Queensland.   The objective of the presentation is to give the audience an overview of LNG production and then discuss the interdependencies of plant design and operation with reservoir performance and associated uncertainties.


Fran is a qualified civil engineer with over 25 years' experience within the oil and gas, industrial, manufacturing and engineering contractor industries in executive management, project management, technical, marketing and corporate affairs roles.

Fran's career began with Esso Australia Limited as drilling engineer on the Flounder Platform in Bass Strait and later developed her career in the downstream hydrocarbons and petrochemical manufacturing industries.  After being a customer of WorleyParsons for many years during her career at Caltex Australia Limited as the Manager Engineering & Refining, Fran joined WorleyParsons in 2012 as the Global Director Improve Development and is responsible for developing new capabilities and deploying existing WorleyParsons global capabilities to specific locations and is currently focused on Coal Seam Gas to LNG in Queensland.

Upcoming Events
August 2013
21st Aug 2013 Coalbed Methane Modelling Best Practices

21st Aug 2013 Restricted - Late Payment Registration - Coalbed Methane Modelling Best Practices


Upcoming Events
September 2013
4th Sep 2013 SPE YP Speed Mentoring

15th Sep 2013 Water Management for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Development - ATW

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18th Sep 2013 How does innovation happen within the E&P industry?

18th Sep 2013 eChartered Workshop

September EA workshop

27th Sep 2013 YP Sundowners: Unlocking Hidden Potential in Established Areas


Upcoming Events
November 2013
11th Nov 2013 2013 End of Year Dinner - SPE QLD and 13URCE

Joint SPE Queensland Chapter and 2013 URCE Dinner Event

Join us for this not to be missed Conference Dinner.

Why not enjoy a casual evening with fellow industry colleagues and new acquaintances?  The conference dinner is an informal opportunity for conference delegates, local SPE members and partners to socialise and enjoy all that Brisbane has to offer.  Superb food and wine with live entertainment promises to make this an evening to remember!

Non SPE Member $175

SPE Member/spouse $165

SPE QLD Member $125

Student $100

Group discount - table of 10  - $1500

Dress Code: Semi Formal attire

14th Nov 2013 SPE DL Lecturer - Well Deformation in Unconventional Resources by Trent Kaiser

14th Nov 2013 Application of the Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS)

14th Nov 2013 PRMS Workshop - Sponsorship


28th Nov 2013 Unconventional/Conventional Laboratory Tour

Upcoming Events
January 2014
1st Jan 2014 Late Payments - SPE Lecturer Luncheons

No event - link for late payments to recent SPE Qld lunch events only with confirmed RSVP

Upcoming Events
February 2014
5th Feb 2014 SPE DL Lecturer - Unconventional Frac Jobs for Unconventional Reservoirs by J. Miskimins

27th Feb 2014 SPE YP Social Event

Upcoming Events
March 2014
6th Mar 2014 Review of Environmental Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in Queensland by Dave Campin

13th Mar 2014 Student - Industry Mixer - YP Event

Upcoming Events
April 2014
7th Apr 2014 SPE DL Lecturer - Characterizing Shale Plays by Brad Berg

8th Apr 2014 SPE YP - Networking Evening

29th Apr 2014 Advanced Reservoir Engineering for CSG/CBM

Upcoming Events
May 2014
5th May 2014 Influence of In-Situ Stresses on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations in Coals of the Surat Basin by Thomas Flottmann - Origin Energy

8th May 2014 Coal Seam Gas Course


Upcoming Events
June 2014
23rd Jun 2014 Late Payments - SPE Lecturer Luncheon

No event - link for late payments to recent SPE Qld lunch events only with confirmed RSVP

24th Jun 2014 Gas Storage Measurement in Coals and Other Rock by Ian Gray - Sigra

24th Jun 2014 Networking Evening...From Graduate to Manager

Upcoming Events
July 2014
9th Jul 2014 Sealed Wireline-Conveyed Rotary Sidewall Cores Capture Reservoir Fluids Downhole by Don Westacott, Halliburton

14th Jul 2014 Coal Seam Gas Course REGISTRATION CLOSED ~ All seats taken

24th Jul 2014 Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources - Workshop held by FESQ

Upcoming Events
August 2014
20th Aug 2014 Formation Testing of Unconventional Plays by Hamid Pourabed - Schlumberger

28th Aug 2014 CS GAS Pty Ltd Tour

See how engineering challenges are defined and solved!

New event arranged by the SPE YP Qld Section.

Upcoming Events
September 2014
3rd Sep 2014 Tight Coalbed Methane. A Giant Worldwide Resource: How do we Produce it? Challenges and Solutions by Michael Zuber - Guest SPE Distinguished Lecturer

24th Sep 2014 Lessons Learnt from 40 years of Tight Gas E&P Activities by Bob Pearson

Upcoming Events
October 2014
21st Oct 2014 The Deepwater Horizon Accident in the Gulf of Mexico, April 2010 by Brian Towler

30th Oct 2014 Schlumberger Reservoir Lab Tour

Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories deliver comprehensive

services, leading equipment, and advanced technologies that

provide high-quality results delivered quickly, to make the most

informed decisions for the reservoir.


The Brisbane facility is more focused on Rock Laboratory

Services. Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory personnel

work in collaboration with local Schlumberger petro-technical,

well services and wireline groups. They perform petro-physical

and geo-mechanical studies with petro-technical experts in

Australia to deliver a solution from initial data gathering through

sample selection, rock testing, model calibration, and



Spaces are limited, book now!

Upcoming Events
November 2014
5th Nov 2014 APLNG Project Update with Page Maxson

27th Nov 2014 Weatherford Artificial Lift

Title: Maneuvering your way in an Artificial Lift Environment

Petroleum Professionals Perspectives.  

Presented by: Kevin Wakefield and Gustavo Pertuz



Thank you for supporting the SPE Young Professionals

Chapter! Please join us for the final event for 2014!

Upcoming Events
February 2015
4th Feb 2015 Geologic Factors Associated with Successful Shale Gas Plays by David Waldo - Guest SPE Distinguished Lecturer

5th Feb 2015 Liquid Loading and Plunger Lift Technology - Workshop