Coding for Petroleum Engineers: An introduction
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Mon 9th Jul 2018
Tue 10th Jul 2018
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Jared Hammond

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Consultant


Course Description

The oil and gas industry is turning to programmers. How safe are petroleum engineers from automation? Not as safe as you might think.

 This course provides an introduction to practical programming with the Python programming language and applies it to petroleum engineering. The oil industry’s current mantra is ‘do more with less’ and this course allows you to do exactly that.

 The core programming concepts will be introduced Day 1 and Day 2 will see you building your own oil industry tools.

 By the end of the course our attendees will be able to: Manipulate most file types, automate repetitive tasks, automate spreadsheet reports, create their own monte carlo simulations, create visualizations (beyond excel) and take the first steps into ‘big data’ by using the pandas framework. 

 The course material is tailored for petroleum engineers and taught by a petroleum engineer who is also a programmer.

Who Should Attend?

This foundation level course is for any oil and gas professional who wants to: go beyond Excel, work with big data and analyze large datasets. This course is designed for working oil professionals but this is not a requirement.

 Professionals who want to spend more time making decisions than preparing data and who want to automate their workflows.

 Attendee Requirements:

  • You will need to bring your own laptop with admin rights.
  • You will need to be OK not getting an answer right the first time!


Venue Information

Tattersall's Club

215 Queens Street Brisbane


0407 173 446


Jared Hammond is a Senior Reservoir Engineer and Programmer with eight years of experience and has spent the past three years working with the Python programming language. According to LinkedIn he is one of three people in Australia with these two skills.

 As a contract reservoir engineer by day he is working for PetroAus clients on simulation studies and integrated production modelling.

 As a self-taught programmer by night he has created programs that make his engineering workflows faster, including: 

  • A generator for simulation deck sensitivities

  • Creating material balance inputs from a 15+ year production dataset for a field - getting close to the term big-data!

  • Producing exploration target production profiles from monte carlo simulations

 Taking his Python knowledge outside of reservoir engineering, he created which is also written in Python. Each hour it searches hundreds of job titles across 50+ websites, normalises them and puts all oil jobs on one site.