“Reservoir Engineering While Drilling” in Horizontal Wells
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Wed 27th May 2020
10:00am 2 hours 27th May 2020 10:00 AM

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Lecturer: Shahid Azizul Haq



Over the past forty years, steering a horizontal well in conventional reservoirs has evolved from geometric to geological to structural and now productivity steering. This talk is aimed to summarize the evolution of wellbore steering, the impact of logging-while-drilling on well and reservoir performance, and the real-time application of reservoir engineering fundamentals while drilling these horizontal wells. The talk also addresses questions like:

  • What is the deliverability (PI, Q) of the horizontal drilled interval?
  • What is the impact of changing wellbore trajectory while drilling (sensitivity analysis) on PI?
  • How can we steer a horizontal well to maximize productivity and/or recovery and/or minimize flow assurance issues?



Shahid Azizul Haq is Reservoir Engineering Advisor in Schlumberger. He is subject matter expert on formation testing (FT), production logging (PL) and pressure transient analysis (PTA). He has been with Schlumberger 32 years and most of his firsthand experience of FT/PL/PTA stem from working in Middle East (Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Qatar), an environment rich in horizontal wells. For the past 12 years, Shahid is working as the Global Reservoir Domain Head for Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements where his primary role is to manage the development of new formation testing and reservoir engineering techniques/workflows/answer products for the "while drilling" environment. He has pioneered the workflow of Real Time Productivity Steering also known as RTPS, a key enabler for the real-time application of reservoir engineering while drilling horizontal wells. Shahid has co-authored more than 30 technical papers mostly focused on horizontal wells either regarding formation testing or production logging or productivity steering. He holds BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering. Shahid has been a member of various SPE, SPWLA and IPTC program committees as well as the Editorial Review Committee for SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering. Shahid received 2017 SPE Regional Service Award for Gulf Coast North America Region. He is SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2019-20.

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