SPE YP Speed Mentoring
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Wed 4th Sep 2013 5:30pm 2 Hours 3rd Sep 2013 12:00 AM

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Registration Price:

SPE Member $22.00 ea
Student $11.00 ea


Venue Information

Irish Club

171 Elizabeth St, Brisbane


Tony Kourakis - SPE YP


Speed mentoring is an opportunity for you to branch outside your existing network and gain some fresh insight from those working in various disciplines, companies or even different resource plays. YP members will rotate amongst student and senior members to act as both mentor and mentee. Pairings will be brief to encourage swift and relevant information sharing and will be followed by social drinks to allow further discussion. Participants will be provided with a sheet of discussion prompting questions to assist in kickstarting valuable interaction. All SPE members (Senior, YP and Student) are encouraged to attend.