2018 SPE Scholarship Winners Announced

Posted on: 17/11/2018

Image (left to right): Nicola Xu (SPE QLD Scholarship Chair), Travis Mitchell (awardee), Connor Wall (awardee), Natalie Chadud (SPE QLD Section Chair)


Undergraduate Division

Connor Wall - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering/Economics (UQ, 4th year)

Joshua Pirie - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (UQ, 4th year)

Oscar Carr - Bachelor/Master of Mechanical Engineering (UQ, 4th year)

Postgraduate Division

Benjamin Wu - PhD in "Experimental Study of Counter-Current Two-Phase Flow" (UQ, 3rd year)

Travis Mitchell - PhD in "Computational modelling of Counter-Current Multiphase Flows" (UQ, 3rd year)


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